The Sound Education Revolution: Why Everyone Should Be Using Soundcloud to Learn and Teach Language

In my first guest post on this blog – The Flow of Fluency: How to Freestyle Rap in a Foreign Language – I discussed my approach of learning language through rapping and mimicry.  In my second guest post – How I learned to rap in Four languages I don’t speak in one night using Free Application “Audacity”– I go into detail about my techniques for entraining the acoustic patterns, or “Flow”, of a foreign language through song training.   In both of these posts, I repeatedly harp on one central theme: Language is about sound.

As obvious a statement this may be, I find myself repeating it often, as the adult language learning conversation seems to focus on everything but sound.  The forums are overrun with posts discussing the best ways to learn grammar and memorize vocabulary and characters, but rarely does anyone go into any useful detail about how things sound.

Of course, part of the problem is that most of the conversation is written, and clearly communicating how something sounds through writing alone can be tricky, if not impossible.  After all, we are talking about sound, and sound needs to be heard.

Fortunately, The Social Web Revolution has enabled us to more easily generate, share and engage multimedia content.  In this post, I will discuss what I consider to be the best tool for building conversations around sound – Soundcloud.  I will describe in detail how you can use Soundcloud to:

  •  Get valuable feedback on your language abilities from anyone for free.
  •  Teach over 100 students for profit with less than 4 hours of work/week.  

Get ready for the Sound Education Revolution….

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