Construction (Clandestino V1L1-4)

Clandestino Lesson 1: Construction

In this section, you will learn to articulate the syllables separately and then combine them together to construct the full lyric.


  • For each line, start by listening to the syllables recording.
  • Mimic each syllable out loud to yourself exactly how I say it until you are comfortable articulating each syllable.
  • Once you are comfortable with each syllable, listen to the “Construction” recording.


  • In these files, I start by chanting the URB then move on to the full lyric.
  • Listen closely to me, then repeat what I say exactly how I say it.
  • Keep to the beat throughout the entire exercise.   You have just enough time between each of my repetitions to chant the lyrics yourself.
  • To help you know when to come in, I will sometimes yell “GO!” to cue you in.  Try it out and after a few tries you will get the hang of it.

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4

In the next section, you will practice memorizing these lines in order.  To make this process easier, it is important that you are comfortable chanting each line separately from memory before moving on.

<<<Basics                                                  Memorization>>>


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