Memorization (La Negra Chorus)

Lesson 1: Memorization

In this section, you will practice committing these lyrics to memory so that you can practice them anywhere.  Memorization is always the most challenging part of Rhythmic Phonetic Training, so stay focused and have patience.  As such a challenging mental task, there is a limit to what your brain can handle in one session.  If you find yourself unable to memorize anything else, that means you have mentally “maxed out.”Don’t get frustrated or try to force yourself through this ceiling.  Instead, take a break and come back in a few hours, or preferably, after a night of rest.  Just like your body muscles, your brain muscle does not actually grow and get stronger until after it rests.  Whatever you found impossible today, will be easy tomorrow.  With a fresh brain, you can move on with the lesson materials.Below are two recordings of the original lyrics on loop in reduced and normal speeds.

  • Start with the reduced speed recording and sing along with it until the very end.
  • When the recording ends, try to sing the lyrics on your own from memory.  If you cannot yet do this, repeat the exercise until you can.
  • Once you can sing the song at reduced speed, use the next recording to help you sing along at normal speed.
Once you are comfortable singing the entire lyric from memory at normal speed without mistake or delay, you can double check your pronunciation by sending in a recording for review.  The instructions for recording and submitting are on the next page.

<<<Construction                                    Submission Page>>>


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