Mimic Practice (La Negra M&M)

“La Negra Tiene Tumbao”
Mimic Practice

Below are recitations of the song lyrics for “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” spoken normally by a native Spanish speaker.  Now that you know these lyrics in song, your next task is to mimic them in normal speech.  The musical and normal versions of these phrases are mostly the same in their component sounds and stress patterns, but there may be a few differences.  To help you perceive these differences, the audio files repeat the phrase several times at varied speeds.  Listen closely to each phrase and then mimic it as precisely as you can in the silence that follows it.  Be sure to pay special attention to the speaker’s pacing and voice inflection.


Verse 1

Verse 2

Once you are comfortable mimicking everything on this page, you can move on to the next page to learn what these phrases mean.

<<<M&M Explanation              Meaning>>>


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