Phonetic Notation Key

Phonetic Notation Key

As a literate adult, you have a strong association between speech sound and speech script.  The script-sound associations from your native language will interfere with your hearing and pronunciation of Spanish sounds when you learn them through writing.  For this reason, The Flow of Spanish uses a special writing system designed to minimize the chances of you mispronouncing the sounds you will learn in these materials.  Below you will find a key for all the letters and symbols you will find in this program.

The Vowels – (A…I…U…E…O)

These letters ALWAYS represent the Spanish vowel sounds described in The Vowel Section of this primer.

The Alveolar Tap /&/ and Alveolar Trill /%/

These sounds are reviewed in The Alveolar Consonants Section.

Denti-Alveolar /d̪/ and  /t̪/  

These sounds are reviewed in The Consonants Section.

Asterisk Consonants –  *…&*…K*

When there is an asterick after a consonants, it means your “close” the preceding vowel with this sound, but you do not fully create the sound.  Listen to the examples below.

Other Special Consonants – /x/ and /ɲ/

These sounds are reviewed in The Consonants Section of this primer.

All Other Consonant Sounds

Any symbols you see not described above are pronounced the same as they would be in English.  You can review these sounds below.
  • B
  • CH
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • P
  • S
  • TH
  • V
  • W
  • Y
**Review nuances of the Spanish pronunciation of these sounds in the Consonants Section

Once you are comfortable with all the information in this sound primer, you can move on to the next page to submit a recording of yourself pronouncing certain Spanish sounds.  I will give you feedback on these sounds so that you know which ones you need to pay attention to as you progress through the song lessons.

<<<Alveolar Consonants             Submission Page>>>


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