Primer Submission Page

Sound System Primer: Submission Page

Now that you are familiar with all the basic sounds of Spanish, it is time to test how well you can hear and reproduce these sounds.  At then end of every lesson of this program, you will submit a recording to a dropbox on the webisite, Soundcloud, and I will provide you with feedback on your pronunciation.

When recording, you can either record directly to the Soundcloud dropbox or record on your own computer and upload it to the dropbox.  Once you have finished recording, name the file: Sound Primer, (Your Full Name) (e.g. “Sound Primer, John Doe”).

The Activity

 Once you have your Audio record yourself doing the activities described below.  I provide an example recording below.

  1. The Vowels – Clearly say each Spanish vowel : a, i, u, e, o
  2. The Denti-Alveolar /d̪/ – Keeping in mind the Spanish pronunciation of this sounds, say the following syllables:  d̪a, d̪i, d̪u, d̪e, d̪o
  3. The Denti-Alveolar /t̪/ –  Keeping in mind the Spanish pronunciation of this sound, say the following sounds: t̪a, t̪i, t̪u, t̪e, t̪o
  4. The Alveolar Tap /&/– say the following sounds: a&a, i&i, u&u, e&e, o&o
  5. The Alveolar Trill /%/ – say the following sounds: a%a, i%i, u%u, e%e, o%o
Once you have made your recording, follow the link below to my dropbox to upload it.
a.soundcloud-dropbox:hover {color: #1896D1 !important; background-color: transparent !important; background-position: -200px 0 !important;}*html a.soundcloud-dropbox {background-image: none !important; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='(’, sizingMethod=’crop’) !important;}/* if you want to have valid HTML, please be so kind and put the style part in the head of your page */Send me
your sounds
Once you have successfully submitted your recording, you can move on to Unit 1.

<<<Phonetic Notation Key                         Unit 1>>>


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