Sound Introduction

Spanish, just like any other language, is composed of elementary sound components called phonemes.  These phonemes combine to create syllables.  The syllables combine in set rhythmic sequences to create speech.  InRhythmic Phonetic Training (RPT), you learn each separate syllable of a song then practice articulating them in their correct rhythmic sequences.Before using using RPT to learn Spanish songs, however, you must first familiarize yourself with the Spanish phonemes.  InThe Spanish Sound System Primer (which you will study after finishing this RPT primer), you learn how to distinguish and articulate each of the Spanish phonemes.It is vital that you complete the entire Sound System Primer, since your comfort with normal Spanish speech relies on your comfort with its basic components, i.e. the Spanish phonemes.  


Chart of all the component sounds, or phonemes in English. You would need to master all of these sounds in order to learn “The Flow of English”

                                     <<<Table of Contents                   Basics>>>


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