Speed Training (LQP V3)

Lesson 3: Speed Training

Use the materials below to practice building your speed up to the original speed of the song.  Remember, this sort of training substantially improves your command of Spanish speech sounds.

20% Reduced Speed

Original Speed

Once you are able to chant these lyrics from memory at the original speed, you may re-submit a recording again to the drop box.

Submission Title: LQP Lesson 3 SPEED (Your Full Name)

a.soundcloud-dropbox:hover {color: #1896D1 !important; background-color: transparent !important; background-position: -200px 0 !important;}*html a.soundcloud-dropbox {background-image: none !important; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='(http://a1.sndcdn.com/images/dropbox_square_white.png?b988642)’, sizingMethod=’crop’) !important;}/* if you want to have valid HTML, please be so kind and put the style part in the head of your page */Send me
your sounds

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