Submission Page (La Negra V1L1-4)

Lesson 2: Submission Page

When you are comfortable reciting the full lyrics from memory, you may record yourself either singing or chanting them and submit them to the Mimic Method Soundcloud dropbox for review.   I will review your submission and give you precise feedback on every sound you mispronounce using the Soundcloud timed-comments feature.

When recording, you can either record directly to the Soundcloud dropbox or record on your own computer and upload it to the dropbox.

Submission Title: La Negra, Lesson 2, (Your Full Name)

Record Directly to the Soundcloud Dropbox

  1. Follow this link: The Mimic Method DropBox.
  2. Click the big orange “RECORD” button
  3. Allow the application to access your computer’s microphone.
  4. Title the recording as follows:  La Negra, Lesson 2, (Your Full Name).  For example: La Negra, Lesson 2, John Doe

Record on Your Own Computer

  1. Record on your preferred audio recording application and save the file as La Negra, Lesson 2, (Your Full Name).  For example: La Negra, Lesson 2, John Doe
  2. Follow this link:  The Mimic Method DropBox.
  3. Click the “Choose File” button and upload your recording.


While uploading your recording, you will see a section at the bottom of the page where it says “Write a Personal Note for the Mimic Method”.  In this section, please leave any comments, suggestions or other feedback you may have for improving this lesson.  Once you have successfully submitted your recording and feedback, you can proceed to the next lesson.

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