test page – syllable finals pt. 1

Syllable Finals Pt. 1

In this section, you will review all the possible syllable endings in Mandarin.

  • Review the explanation of the sound and its pinyin, listen closely to the pronunciation, then mimic exactly.
  • Note that these are not ALL of the possible consonant beginnings; they are just the ones whose pronunciations are straightforward for an English speaker.
  • Note that I include ONLY the syllables that actually exist in Mandarin.
  • I read the syllables in a fast sequence so that you can focus on final sound.
  • Everything is in “1st tone”, which is a high steady tone.  I am essentially singing the same note for each syllable.

This may seem like a lot of information, but if you go through it a few times you’ll start to realize that everything is based on just a few sound patterns.  I include all the details here so that, as you come to better appreciate Mandarin sounds, you can return to this page as a reference to make sense of what you are hearing.

For now, however, it suffices to just quickly review all the sounds and pay close attention to the ones that seem strange to you.  After, you will submit a recording of yourself saying each of these sounds, and I will identify the handful of sounds that you need to improve.


— soundcloud here —

Once you are comfortable with this page, you may move on to – Syllable Finals Part 2.


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