Hello,Thank you for signing up for The Flow of Spanish program.  In this program, you will build the Phonetic Architecture required to hear and process Spanish sounds automatically.  In accordance with The Mimic MethodPhilosophy: Mastering the sounds of Spanish is the most important step in attaining Spanish fluency.

Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected step in Spanish second-language programs.  This is because people have a hard time wrapping their mind around sound, so they instead focus all their attention on more concrete things like writing and grammar.  What people fail to realize, however, is thatLanguage Communication is first and foremost an activity of Sound.  

If you woke up tomorrow completely illiterate, with absolutely no explicit knowledge of English grammar, you would still be able to speak English perfectly.  Indeed, NO ONE learns to read, write, or think about grammar until AFTER they can speak fluently.  There’s no reason why we cannot do the same for our second languages.

In this program, you will use a technique called Rhythmic Phonetic Training to learn to sing Spanish songs with a near-perfect accent.  Each time you sing these songs, you actively build the auditory perception and speech organ motor memory needed to hear and speak Spanish automatically

Just like any other cognitive and motor skill, this process can be challenging, but never doubt your brain.  It is an incredible machine with unlimited potential.  In each of these lessons, you will struggle at first, but if you trust in your brain’s ability to adapt,you WILL be able to complete each of these lessons.

And once you do, you will have internalized a powerful, unconscious command of the Spanish sound patterns, or Flow.  With theFlow down, all the remaining tasks of Spanish acquisition will come naturally to you.  So follow the links above and get started on the true path to Spanish fluency today.  


Idahosa Ness
The Mimic Method
Founder and Creator

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